SRS Launches C-PACE App for Renewable Energy Contractors

PACEworx™ Estimator enables users to instantly create solar PV project proposals that incorporate C-PACE financials

Trumbull, CT—Sustainable Real Estate Solutions has launched a new app for renewable energy contractors who participate in the Colorado C-PACE program. PACEworx Estimator enables contractors to model various project scenarios in real time to optimize a given project, and then create, edit, store, and share the proposal. The web-based app layers C-PACE financial assumptions with solar PV system costs and energy production—the first of its kind to do so—for a complete, transparent look at a given project.

The free app requires just a few inputs, such as property location, system capacity, cost-per-watt, incentives, and financing terms. It then automatically calculates solar PV system output, C-PACE payments, and projected cash flows. If the contractor and building owner wish to review alternative scenarios, they can change key assumptions, which the app calculates instantly.

“We work with hundreds of solar PV contractors across the country on C-PACE projects, and they often spend hours developing multiple project scenarios and preparing proposals,” said Brian McCarter, chief executive officer of SRS. “Being able to model different scenarios on the fly and then create professional, comprehensive proposals with the push of a button is a huge benefit for renewable energy contractors who participate in C-PACE programs.”

SRS’s CTO Gerry Tsui, PACEworx Estimator’s lead developer, said the tool was designed to be easy to use, fast, and transparent. “We tell contractors to turn the dials and see what happens.”

About SRS
Sustainable Real Estate Solutions (SRS) partners with state and local governments to administer commercial property assessed clean energy (C-PACE) programs. Founded in 2010 by experienced commercial real estate and energy efficiency professionals, the company’s proprietary technology-enabled PACEworx™ Platform streamlines the management of the data-intensive C-PACE technical and financial underwriting process. SRS’s Investor Confidence Project-credentialed quality assurance methodology has facilitated more than $130 million in C-PACE financing nationwide—a level unmatched in the industry. SRS empowers C-PACE public-private partnerships across the country, including programs in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Virginia. The company is based in Trumbull, Connecticut.