How C-PACE helps you close more projects

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Colorado C-PACE for Energy Efficiency Contractors

What if you could propose projects with the following benefits:

  • Require no owner out-of-pocket expense
  • Generate immediate positive cash flow
  • Overcome a self-funding building owner’s typical objections:
    • Short-term payback criteria
    • “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

Colorado C-PACE long-term financing enables new cash-flow-focused project development that provides a compelling opportunity for the building owner:

  • Energy costs: Decreased
  • Building cash flow: Increased
  • Technical projections: Confirmed by an independent 3rd party
  • Financial projections: Confirmed by an independent 3rd party

Sound too good to be true? Contact us to learn how Colorado C-PACE is enabling contractors to propose too-good-to-be-true projects.

Moreover, at no cost to contractors, our C-PACE experts will help you:

  • Identify: Eligible properties
  • Prepare: A proposal including C-PACE benefits
  • Develop: An optimized project incorporating C-PACE financing
  • Assist: With the presentation of the project to the owner and mortgage holder
  • Source: Capital providers to determine “best-fit” financing

Get Started Today. Colorado C-PACE is now up and running in the following counties.

Displayed below is an overview of the key steps involved in the Colorado C-PACE project life cycle. Click on the “>” icon associated with each step to view additional details.

Free Contractor Workshop
  • Learn about C-PACE program benefits
  • Learn about Colorado C-PACE contractor tools and support services
  • Apply to become a registered Colorado C-PACE contractor
  • Once registered, have your firm’s name listed on the Colorado C-PACE website
Post-workshop Engagement
  • Prequalify projects
  • Prioritize your prospects
  • Schedule meetings to introduce building owners to the program
Proposal Preparation
  • Collaborate with the Colorado C-PACE program director to include relevant program benefits
  • Prepare a preliminary proposal with the help of the program director
  • Review the proposal with the building owner
Preliminary Meeting with the Building Owner
  • C-PACE program administrator will attend if you wish
  • Review building financial prequalification metrics, e.g. loan-to-value %
  • Discuss building improvement needs and potential savings
  • Review mortgage holder consent process
  • Secure authorization to proceed to project scenario development
Project Development
  • Conduct building walk-through
  • Prepare energy audit with improvement costs and savings estimates
  • Deliver project costs and savings data to the Colorado C-PACE director
  • Collaborate with the Colorado C-PACE team to optimize project scenario, including financing assumptions
  • The Colorado C-PACE team will then prepare a draft EPICTM Report for the project
Project Review Meeting with the Building Owner
  • The C-PACE program director will attend with you if you prefer
  • Review draft EPICTM Report with building owner to review project financial projections
  • Incorporate any final revisions into report
  • Secure authorization to proceed to mortgage holder consent and project financing
Mortgage-holder Consent
  • Colorado C-PACE team reviews EPICTM Report with mortgage holder
  • Obtains consent to record C-PACE assessment
Project Financing
  • Building owner engages with selected capital provider
  • Capital provider prepares financing agreement
  • Colorado C-PACE team manages project closing and facilitates assessment recording with the county
Project Construction and Commissioning
  • Building owner authorizes contractor to begin construction
  • Construction funds are disbursed per the terms of the financing agreement
  • Contractor completes project installation
  • Building owner confirms project completion and acceptance
  • Capital provider submits Completion Certificate to Colorado C-PACE team

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