PACE yourself … for Denver’s green roof measure

Election day 2017 brought with it some surprises. Readers of this publication were paying particularly close attention—regardless of which side of the issue you were on—to Denver’s voter-led Green Roof Initiative. The measure passed by a solid margin from the kind of grassroots, voter-led effort that more typically result in “close … but no” result. This was despite well-funded opposition from building owners, brokers and even the mayor. The measure applies to buildings over 25,000 square feet of total gross floor area.

Roof replacement typically provides only modest improvement of operations and maintenance or property value, especially for existing building stock. Yet now it comes with a potentially steep added compliance cost. Faced with implementing this important new high hurdle for building owners, city leaders assembled a task force of two dozen stakeholders to wrestle with the practical roll out of the new ordinance. The group represented building owners, operations and maintenance staff, varied contractors, energy and solar practitioners, architectures, water and air-quality professionals and, of course, the initiative’s proponents.

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