Fiddler’s Green Center: An Energy Retrofit Story

While almost everyone can agree that our commercial office buildings should be energy efficient, there are many property owners and tenants who still struggle with exorbitant energy costs every month. No one likes paying high utility bills, but forward-thinking energy-efficiency projects can sometimes take a back seat to more immediate issues like filling empty tenant space or making sure your budget adds up.

In our experience, all building owners and facility directors want what’s best for their properties, but many of them aren’t sure how to organize, kick off or finance an energy retrofit project. So, they wonder, how do I even begin? There are many different ways to answer that question, but we think it’s most helpful to look at a real world example of an energy retrofit project as a case study.

A few years ago, I connected with a colleague at Denver’s John Madden Co. at a Colorado Real Estate Journal event covering retro commissioning. As we talked, he explained that his firm was interested in making its buildings at Fiddler’s Green Center in Greenwood Village more energy efficient. What started at that event is now a strong partnership between McKinstry and JMC that’s been going for six years and counting! At the outset, we completed a variety of small projects that helped the company monitor its energy consumption, assess the condition of its facilities and attain a LEED certification.

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